Goddamn Firefox

The most frustrating thing about Mozilla’s updating habits in recent years is that not only do they frequently remove functionality (with no option to bring it back), they never seem able to provide a good account of themselves when pressed upon for a reason.

In the latest Firefox version, typing something that’s not a URL into the address bar results in a search using the search engine selected in the search bar. Effectively, we have two bars that do exactly the same thing, which makes the search bar superfluous. Where previously I had instant access to Wikipedia and Google, now I have to choose.

There’s no way to disable this “functionality” and restore the old address bar without using an extremely hacky addon that doesn’t work for everyone. The tab bar is now always shown, too, and there’s not even a registry option to hide it when only one tab is open.

The main reason Firefox was appealing in the first place was the ability to customize things. While I concede that things must change over time (with the caveat that most of Mozilla’s changes in the last three years have been completely retarded), it costs very little to keep the registry options in place so those of us who use our browsers for actual purposes can optimize them to our needs. I’ve downloaded Pale Moon and it’s installing as I type this. Hopefully I will find a similar environment with more sanity there.


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