The work you don’t see

So, this site has been on autopilot for a while. I had a post in the pipeline but I put it on hold while I prepared for my audition, and then other things got in the way and it’s still barely started. I may finish it some time soon. The Demon’s Souls thing is behind schedule but it is progressing steadily; I’ve scheduled some time to take a big whack at it tomorrow.

The problem is that in September the Manitoban publishes weekly, but we have not yet hired our staff reporters, which means that we have to hustle for volunteer contributions and pick up the slack ourselves if there’s no interest. We’re also in the process of putting out our first feature issue with the current staff, and it just happens to be the issue in which I have my big editorial. Meanwhile classes have been starting and everything has been crazy from that direction, too. So please bear with me; there will be something substantial here as soon as I can get it. In the meantime, why not check out the Manitoban‘s website?


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