Some crazy shit

During the last week I’ve been dealing with auditions and organizational stuff and even found the time to be interviewed by the publication I used to write for. That, combined with the fact that I only use Twitter when I’m waiting at a bus stop and feeling morbid, means that I missed this sordid business. I am ashamed of but not surprised by it.

I sometimes wonder if these people realize how howlingly insane their antics look from the outside. And then of course the answer is obvious: they do know, but they think that for some reason conventional morality does not apply in this case. Galvanized by the illusion that shared appreciation of a consumer product creates quasi-familial bonds, they become dangerous radicals who might do anything when their “tribe” comes—or, as in this case, seems by some delusional moon-logic to come—under attack.

At this point all I can do is post a link to this old Nick Mamatas essay. I hope the affected people are staying safe and weathering the storm as best they can under the circumstances, because it is vanishingly unlikely that any of the perpetrators will see the social or legal repercussions they richly deserve.

More coverage can be found here, here, and here. Footage of Adam Baldwin being punched in the face can be found here.


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