50 people I hate

Because it’s my blog, not yours.

  1. Assholes.
  2. People who self-describe as assholes as a defence against intimacy.
  3. Happy people.
  4. Optimists.
  5. Pessimists.
  6. The excessively religious.
  7. The excessively irreligious.
  8. Agnostics.
  9. Liberals.
  10. Conservatives.
  11. People who hate liberals.
  12. People who hate conservatives.
  13. Independents.
  14. Contrarians.
  15. People whose three favourite instruments are flute, harp, and cello, in any order.
  16. Flutists.
  17. Harpists.
  18. People who frequent nightclubs.
  19. Teetotalers.
  20. People who care a great deal about their appearance.
  21. People who claim not to care at all about their appearance.
  22. Men with facial hair.
  23. Men who can’t grow facial hair.
  24. People who smile excessively in the company of strangers.
  25. People who greet people they don’t know very well on seeing them in the hallway.
  26. People who fail to maintain contemplative silence in the bathroom.
  27. People who request confirmation that you’ve received their message when their message pertains to anything less serious than imminent nuclear war.
  28. People who have never read a book that was not by J. K. Rowling.
  29. People who describe themselves as “readers” and lament the supposed demise of their kind.
  30. People who take the academic system seriously.
  31. Anti-intellectual people.
  32. Teachers.
  33. People who hate teachers.
  34. Classical musicians who think that learning an instrument exempts them from knowing anything else about any art, including music.
  35. Journalists.
  36. People who use the term “social media” without the quotation marks.
  37. Aspiring writers.
  38. People who cite the DSM without any caveats.
  39. Doctors.
  40. Lawyers.
  41. Law students.
  42. Engineering students.
  43. Music students.
  44. Musicians.
  45. Audience members.
  46. People who clap between movements.
  47. People who get all snooty when other people clap between movements.
  48. Slacktivists.
  49. People who seem extremely comfortable in their own skin.
  50. People who have extensive lists of the people they hate.

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