Reed cases

As a reward for getting through the last year without collapsing in a pool of blood, vomit, and whiskey, I bought myself some nice wooden reed cases back in May. They arrived today!

One is for clarinet and one for bass clarinet. My previous clarinet reed case was a very beaten up plastic Rico model (which was actually intended for alto sax reeds) with a manufacturer original humidity pack that was more decorative than anything. As for bass clarinet, I’ve been using a plastic reed since I got my bass last year, and I’m wanting to slowly wean myself off of it. Having a way to store and transport my cane reeds will be helpful.

The cases are custom made by Dave Kennedy of Kenkase Music, which are very reasonably priced considering that each one is handmade to order. He does cases for single reeds of various sizes, small oboe and bassoon reed cases, and guitar pick cases.

I promise non-filler content is coming soon. The first issue of the Manitoban sidetracked me and delayed the musical project I was working on, which is all but finished. I’ve also got some lengthy posts in the works.


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