They Never Quite Shine is about the arts—everything from video games to classical music. Insofar as the arts touch on everything, posts will also cover such topics as politics, religion, and efficient driver-pedestrian interaction. But the focus will always be on the pretty, useless, fun, and frivolous. Posts here will be text-heavy and image-light. The official posting schedule is “whenever they’re done”.

Tom Ingram is a writer, musician, and music teacher in the Winnipeg area. He has written for publications such as the Manitoban, the Gradzette, and Strange Horizons. He has done freelance work in a variety of venues and is always looking for new assignments. Contact him by email at thomasmingram93 at gmail dot com. Follow him on Twitter @tmingram.

Disclaimer: Content on this site should be taken as the idle ravings of a mind diseased, and in no way reflects the views of my many employers, my friends, or anyone in any way associated with me.

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